Terms & Condition

1. I acknowledge receipt of the vehicle in good condition at the time of rental. 
I acknowledged receiving the above said vehicle in good condition at time of rental. 
2. I agree that the vehicle can not be used for purposes that violate the wilder state law that may result in forfeiture of the vehicle. 
I agreed the vehicles is / are not for illegal usage intentioner contravine causing the vehicles to be confiscated or otherwise. 
3. Errors road is my responsibility to clarify any compound or summons. 
I trafic offenses liable for any compound or summon incurred while processing the vehicle. 
4. I ​​hereby agree to be fully responsible for the vehicle is returned to the owner of the host. 
I agreed to undertake full responsibility on the vehicle until its returned to the owner. 
5. I understand that the vehicle insurance coverage under a free RM 5000 (MPV / Van) RM 2000 (car) 
I understand that the vehicle insurance cover is subjected to the excess of RM 5000 (MPV / Van) RM 2000 (Car) 
6. I declare and promise to pay the extra rent if late return of the vehicle at the rate of RM 20.00 for vans, cars Rm 10.00 for setiao an hour late. 
I agreed and promise to pay excessive for late delivery for car and van RM 20.00 RM 10.00 for every extra hours delay. 
7. I hereby agree to pay damages if the damage to the vehicle caused by accident or negligence on my own. 
I will be liable for any damage on the vehicle for accidents or negligence on my behalf.